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November 17, 2015:
I've started blogging! Visit Kurt Tomlinson's Blog today.




The SocketBox helps consumers save energy while automating their homes.
Eagle CAD Files


The microcontroller used in the SEMOR is a standard Arduino Diecimila. This is the source code for the program that is run on the Arduino in SEMOR. This project is described in more detail on the Alarm Clock project page.
VB 6.0 Control App


This script changes you wallpaper periodically and chooses from different wallpapers depending on the current time of day. More information about this script can be found on the Wallpaper project page.
Perl Script

Earnings Calculator

Ever wondered how much you were paid to read your e-mail during the workday or check a sports score? Now you can know. With the Earnings Calculator, all you have to do is enter the time you started working, and your hourly wage, and the EC will tell you exactly how much you have earned so far today!

Compass Seek

This TEA program makes the robot turn towards a designated compass heading. The destination compass heading is hard-coded into the program. The program is meant as a demo. I wrote it as a means to familiarize myself with the use of the CMPS03 sensor.

Cabinet Model

These are the SolidWorks models I made before beginning construction on my cabinet. Although the dimensions in the model are not the same as those of the end-result, they are very close.

IR Obstacle Avoidance

This is the TEA source code that the Brainstem is executing in the demo video. No binary file is provided because the compile process is trivial.

Serial Remote Control

This program sends serial commands to the Brainstem. Currently, control is WASD-based, the program provides no feedback as to the state of the serial connection, and exiting with the key combination Alt-F4 causes the robot to go backwards at full speed. It was written in Visual Basic 6.0.

11:11 Program

This is a simple Visual Basic 6.0 program that I made for a friend. It pops up a dialog box whenever it is 11:11.