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November 17, 2015:
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Typical college dorm rooms often (always) lack furniture that is both functional and attractive. In an attempt to remedy this, I designed and built a portable cabinet.


I was in the process of teaching myself how to use SolidWorks when I began designing the cabinet, so I used the cabinet as an opportunity to practice what I had learned. The SolidWorks files for this project can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

SolidWorks Model Front SolidWorks Model Back

Cabinet Front ModelCabinet Back Model


The cabinet provides a smooth, flat surface on top. Underneath the edge of the countertop runs a string of rope lights. The rope lights are turned on and off by a switch that is installed on the rear of the cabinet. The cabinet can be easily rolled from place to place thanks to four 2" casters on its bottom.

The cabinet has two inner compartments. The right compartment was made to hold a mini fridge, and the left compartment is a general storage area. The cabinet is ventilated by three 120mm fans. The main purpose of the fans is to cool the radiator coils on the back of the fridge.


My friends Jen and Sean and my father helped me in the construction of the cabinet. While constructing the cabinet, I learned how designs often need to be modified during implementation because of unforeseen difficulties. The cabinet is not exactly the same as what is shown in the SolidWorks model, but it is very close.


In its current state, the cabinet is 90% done. I hope to add more decorative pieces to it. There is a slight blemish on the front that I wish to hide, and the 3 sides that do not have doors are very plain. I hope to finish it some time soon. The pictures below are not current as the corner pieces shown in the SolidWorks model have been installed since then.

Cabinet Front Cabinet Back

Cabinet FrontCabinet Back